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The Freestyle park in Austria

Winter is in full swing

Hello everybody,

At the moment there is the kicker line, the rail line, the rail yard, the beginner line - supplemented by two medium take offs - and the entire Jib Park.

The super pipe is finished and the super pipe lift will be operating on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 1pm.

The shape crew starts building the little half pipe tomorrow.

World Record with the Austrian Roch Franz Müllner!
Franz Müllner and the Freestylers have the world record! 120 Freestylers jumped over the Austrian Rock's shoulders with maximum weight of 704kg!
>>Check out the pics of this special event at our gallery
>>Here you can find some videos of the world record

See you there - your Absolut Park Team!


Beginner Line
For this season we have enhanced the Beginner Line with a number of new obstacles. Alongside small kickers there is a wide range of easy rails, boxes and jib obstacles that allow you to improve your skills and to prepare for larger obstacles.

Super Pipe lift
To provide perfect training conditions, a new lift has been installed exclusively for super pipe access. This saves time and energy for a maximum number of training runs.

New jib obstacles
Jibbing is characterized by immense progression and creativity. Our shapers start working on new jib obstacles in autumn in order to keep up with the ever rising skill levels and the high expectations of the riders.

Absolut Park Team
This year there are some fantastic new additions to the Absolut Park Team: The American style hero Nicky Keefer, the German shooting-star Lisa Zimmermann and the Austrian top talent Stefanie Mössler will be strengthening our free-ski team. Our snowboard team is being complemented by none other Olympic athlete Adrian Krainer from Carinthia and the winner of last year’s Spring Battles Billy Morgan from England.

The Freestyle park in AustriaThe Freestyle park in Austria