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Snow park in Austria Salzburg Flachauwinkl


is a park concept created by Jake Burton and the snowboard legend Craig Kelly. True to the motto “the woods are the goods” it’s not about perfectly prepared pistes and painstakingly detailed obstacles. 

It’s more to do with encouraging the rider’s own creativity. The obstacles in the Stash Park are partly hidden and can almost always be ridden in various different ways. The natural terrain allows a wide range of possible jibs. The Stash Park generally consists of easy and fun obstacles. The Lil’ Stash right next to the Powder Shuttle exit is particularly fun and ideal for kids.

In 2007 Burton planned and created the Stash in Flachauwinkl together with the Absolut Park Shape Crew. The invention of the banked wall ride and the suspension bridge jumps can be ascribed to this creative cooperation.

The many hand-carved figures and obstacles in the Stash Park were made by the American chainsaw artist Bob King, who was also responsible for the art work in the four other Stash Parks worldwide.

The painting in the Stash Cabin was painted by the New York artist Scott Lenhardt. Scott has worked with Burton Snowboards for many years now and has been responsible for many of their board designs. The painting pays homage to Craig Kelly, immortalizing his incomparable style.

Burton the Stash in Flachauwinkl Austria
Burton the stash - Flachauwinkl Austria
Snow park in Austria Salzburg Flachauwinkl