• Enormously improvements have been made to the snow-making facilities on Shuttleberg ensuring a snow-sure winter no matter what thanks to the new water reservoir. By tripling the water retention capacity of the reservoir the entire park can be put into operations within just 4 days at optimum temperatures!
  • New Rail/Jib features for all levels (beginners – advanced – pro)
  • Extension of the beginner/intermediate line down to the Powder Shuttle valley station
  • Expansion of the beginners‘ facilities in “Lil´Stash”
  • Rearrangement and improvements to the obstacles in the Stash Park
  • New boarder/ski-cross trail at the Fürstwandlift



Over the last few years the Absolut Park has developed into one of the biggest and best known parks in Europe.
The more than 100 obstacles are attended to daily by a professional shape crew to ensure perfect conditions for the riders.

The entire park area stretches over a length of over 1.5 km, which is divided into 6 sections and is equipped with an extremely wide and varied range of obstacles. The more than 100 obstacles are attended to daily by a professional shape crew to ensure perfect conditions for the riders. No matter which level, from beginner to pro: The Absolut Park offers everything that the freestyle heart could desire.

The Park is divided into 5 sections:

1 Kicker Line

5 Kickers in a row ensure maximum air time at a top international level. This is where the Spring Battle, Austria’s most famous mountain snowboard contest, takes place.

2 RAIL Yard

Here you will find every rail and jib obstacle imaginable in a creative layout for example: s-rail, barrel, elbow-, kinked-, double kinked-,
straight rails, … . The creativity of the Shape Crew and their affiliation with the scene means that new and special obstacles are constantly being developed and built.


The ideal place to work on your skills, to practice new tricks and to prepare yourself for bigger things. It starts at the first entry point and ends next to the Powder Shuttlebypass piste.

4 Rail / Halfpipe Line

This line has been equipped with a most varied range of rails which flow into a funpipe (100-metre long Halfpipe with 4 metre high walls). Our “small” pipe is ideal for anyone who wants to ride an easy pipe or for those wanting to try out the Superpipe.

5 Jib Park

At the bottom of the Absolut Park and right in front of the Chill House you will find the ultimate playground for all free-style fanatics. Shredders, regardless of their level, are sure to find the perfect run.

6 Superpipe

At the Family Shuttle area there is the Superpipe a highlight of the Absolut Park. And since last year it is even serviced by its own lift. With a height of 7 metres, it conforms exactly to the dimensions required for X-Games and Olympic Games. A number of top professionals and European national teams have found this to be the perfect spot with ideal conditions, which is why many of them trained here last year. The Superpipe is kept in perfect shape throughout the season by no less than John Melville, the eminent shaping expert from New Zealand and head shaper of the biggest snowboard contests around the world.




This unique park concept next to the Powder Shuttle is really
popular on the mountain. With its finger very much on the pulse of the times, everything is reduced to the essentials: Namely nature itself featuring elements consisting of snow and wood. This minimalist yet innovative concept was personally initiated by Jake Burton and the snowboard legend Craig Kelly. In accordance with the motto 'the woods are the goods', this is not about flawlessly prepared slopes and obstacles shaped to perfect detail. This is about encouraging the creativity of the riders. The obstacles in the Stash Park are integrated into the natural
environment and can almost always be ridden in numerous ways. The natural terrain additionally offers an incredible number of jib possibilities. 'Lil Stash' provides kids and beginners the ideal terrain to
practice in and features wider and easier boxes and rails.



At the end of the Absolut Park you’ll find the ultimate freestyler’s meeting point, the Chill House. The Chill House is, in a way, a modern refuge hut of the very special kind. It offers everything a freestyler’s heart desires. The unique and stylish exterior gives you an idea of what to expect inside.  The impressive light-filled building extends over two floors and contains a boulder wall and various different chill-out areas with video walls. The absolute highlight however, is the world’s first ever indoor mini skate ramp on a mountain. When the weather is good the chill-out zone in front of the Chill House with loads of comfy sofas is the place to meet. Skiers and boarders can enjoy a well-earned rest, relax, have a snack or marvel at what friends, colleagues and pros are conjuring up in the Jib Park’.