Fresh Picture from fischifoto

Check out the 3D Sequence from Stale Sandbech. Big Up to Markus Fischer for this insane view.


Thank you for this awesome season. It was one of our best and above all one with perfect conditions from the first to the last day. A big shout out to all the riders, who came to ride and became a part of our park. Freestyle for life and Cowboys ride it hard!

Winter 2018/2019: December 1st 2018 to April 22nd 2019 

We plan to start the next winter season in full operation mode December 1st 2018.
Pre opening weekends of the Absolut Park in November, like in the last winters, are planned again if possible.

We will keep you informed here and on Instagram.


- Anna Gasser (AUT) - Gold Medal Big Air Snowboard Olympic Games 2018
- Sarah Hoefflin (SUI) - Gold Medal Freeski Slopestyle Olympic Games 2018
- Øystein Bråten (NOR) - Gold Medal Freeski Slopestyle Olympic Games 2018
- Nick Goepper (USA) - Silver Medal Freeski Slopestyle Olympic Games 2018
- Stale Sandbech (NOR)
- Torgeir Bergrem (NOR)
- Kai Mahler (SUI)
- Fabian Bösch (SUI)
- Alex Hall (USA)
- Lyon Farrell (USA)
- Yuka Fujimori (JPN)
- Miyabi Onitsuka (JPN)
- Cheryl Maas (NED)

See you! 

New in winter 2017/18

New rail & jib features for all levels:

Anyone who has been to Absolut Park will return with a smile. We added new rail and jib features for all levels, from beginner to advanced and pro, so that you won’t get bored even when visiting the 250th time. As well, various obstacles will be redesigned or repositioned in 2018.

Fast six-person chairlift to Cross Run:

From now on, our boarder- and ski-cross course is directly reachable with a quick and comfortable chairlift. The Lumberjack Shuttle on the Kleinarl side of the resort replaces the T-bars Fürstwand and Schüttalm. Time to strap on a less responsive board or skis and get those rusty racing skills going again!

Permanent art exhibitions at Chill House:

In winter 2017/18, you will not only get your daily dose of action at Chill House but also something pleasing to the eye! Inspiring paintings and drawings from artists in the boardsport and freeski scene will be shown on a regular basis.

New in the Absolut Park team:

Flo Corzelius
Marc Schumy

Events 2018 at Absolut Park:

Jib King: January 5 - 6, 2018
Spring Battle: March 17 - 21, 2018
ZSAEP Experience: March 24, 2018


Over the last few years the Absolut Park has developed into one of the biggest and best known parks in Europe.
The more than 100 obstacles are attended to daily by a professional shape crew to ensure perfect conditions for the riders.

The entire park area stretches over a length of over 1.5 km, which is divided into 6 sections and is equipped with an extremely wide and varied range of obstacles. The more than 100 obstacles are attended to daily by a professional shape crew to ensure perfect conditions for the riders. No matter which level, from beginner to pro: The Absolut Park offers everything that the freestyle heart could desire.

The Park is divided into 5 sections:

1 Kicker Line

5 Kickers in a row ensure maximum air time at a top international level. This is where the Spring Battle, Austria’s most famous mountain snowboard contest, takes place.

2 RAIL Yard

Here you will find every rail and jib obstacle imaginable in a creative layout for example: s-rail, barrel, elbow-, kinked-, double kinked-,
straight rails, … . The creativity of the Shape Crew and their affiliation with the scene means that new and special obstacles are constantly being developed and built.


The ideal place to work on your skills, to practice new tricks and to prepare yourself for bigger things. It starts at the first entry point and ends next to the Powder Shuttlebypass piste.

4 Rail / Halfpipe Line

This line has been equipped with a most varied range of rails which flow into a funpipe (100-metre long Halfpipe with 4 metre high walls). Our “small” pipe is ideal for anyone who wants to ride an easy pipe or for those wanting to try out the Superpipe.

5 Jib Park

At the bottom of the Absolut Park and right in front of the Chill House you will find the ultimate playground for all free-style fanatics. Shredders, regardless of their level, are sure to find the perfect run.

6 Cross Run

The new Cross Run for Boarder Crosser and Ski Crosser is finished. The course was built by the Absolut Park Shape Crew together with Austria’s National BX Coach Gerald Kerschhackl and it was already tested by the World Cup riders of the Austrian national Team. The run is on Eurocup Level and can easily be extended to a World Cup level. Nevertheless the obstacles are built in a way that everybody can cruise through and have fun.


This unique park concept next to the Powder Shuttle is really
popular on the mountain. With its finger very much on the pulse of the times, everything is reduced to the essentials: Namely nature itself featuring elements consisting of snow and wood. This minimalist yet innovative concept was personally initiated by Jake Burton and the snowboard legend Craig Kelly. In accordance with the motto 'the woods are the goods', this is not about flawlessly prepared slopes and obstacles shaped to perfect detail. This is about encouraging the creativity of the riders. The obstacles in the Stash Park are integrated into the natural
environment and can almost always be ridden in numerous ways. The natural terrain additionally offers an incredible number of jib possibilities. 'Lil Stash' provides kids and beginners the ideal terrain to
practice in and features wider and easier boxes and rails.


The Chill House below the Jib Park is the freestyle scene’s meeting point. The light-flooded, two-storey building is equipped with a boulder wall and several chill-out areas where you can watch freeski and snowboard videos. Since last winter season, the Chill House is also pleasing to the eye: Inspiring paintings and drawings from artists in the boardsport and freeski scene are shown on a regular basis. The highlight, however, is the skate mini ramp — the first of its kind on a mountain worldwide.

When the weather is sunny, numerous sofas and picnic tables invite you to have a snack outside, to relax or to watch friends and pros in the park.