Absolut Park Spring Battle Update | February 23rd to March 10th, 2024:


Due to the build-up for this year's Spring Battle, the following parking areas will be closed from 24.02. to 01.03.2024:

  • Jump 2
  • Jump 3
  • Jump 4
  • Jump 5
  • Rail Yard

The remaining park is open and will be shaped daily!

Spring Battle registration!

Welcome Winter 23|24

We operate with all Chairlifts in Flachauwinkl and Kleinarl, as well as with the Panorama Link.

- Medium | Beginner Line
- Rail Line
- The Stash & Lil' Stash
- Jib Park: Main Line, Small Line & Stairset
- Kicker Line: Jump 1, Jump 3, Jump 4 & Jump 5
- Cross Run Kleinarl

Have fun!

Austria's largest snow park

In the last 20 years, the Absolut Park has not only become the biggest snow park in Austria but also one of the most famous European snow parks.

The entire park area extends over 1.5 km, is divided into seven sections, and is equipped with a wide and varied range of around 100 obstacles. Our professional shape crew ensures perfect conditions on a daily basis.

No matter which level, beginner or pro: In the Absolut Park you will find everything your freestyle heart desires.

The Absolut Park

is divided into seven sections, which we present to you here. 

1 Kicker Line

Five jumps in a row offer you maximum airtime at an international top level. This is where the Spring Battle, Austria’s most famous on-mountain Snowboard and Freeski contest, takes place.

2 Rail Yard

Here you will find all kinds of rails and jib obstacles, always new and creatively arranged: S-Rail, Barrel-Rail, Elbow-Rail, Kinked-Rail, Double Kinked-Rail, Straight Rails,...

3 Medium/Beginner Line

The ideal place to work on your skills, practice new tricks and prepare for the bigger obstacles: The Beginner/Medium Line starts at the top station of the Absolut Shuttle and ends at the bottom station of the Powder Shuttle.

4 Rail/Halfpipe Line

The Rail/Halfpipe Line is equipped with many different rails and ends in a funny, 100 meter long halfpipe with four meter high walls. It is ideal if you want to learn how to ride a pipe and try your first tricks.

5 Jib Park

In the lower part of the Absolut Park, directly in front of Chill House, you will find the ultimate playground for all jibbers: The Jib Park offers you many rails and boxes, which are easy and fun to ride. All shredders, regardless of their level, will have fun here.

6 Cross Run

Both beginners and advanced can ride the Cross Run, a top-maintained ski and boardercross course, without any problems — two separate starts for different levels to ensure this. It's best to race through together with your buddies!

7 The Stash

The Stash Park does not offer you perfectly groomed slopes, but instead, you can get creative. There are obstacles made of wood and snow integrated into the natural terrain, and you can usually ride them in several ways. The area offers a lot of additional possibilities for natural jibs and powder runs.

Originally, Jake Burton and snowboard legend Craig Kelly had the idea for The Stash, and there are only six of these parks worldwide. The American artist Bob King made the hand-carved figures and obstacles.

Kids and beginners will find the Lil' Stash with its wide, simple wooden boxes and rails an ideal terrain to start freestyling. 

Chill House

The Chill House below the Jib Park is the freestyle scene’s meeting point. The light-flooded, two-storey building is equipped with a boulder wall and several chill-out areas where you can watch freeski and snowboard videos. Since last winter season, the Chill House is also pleasing to the eye: Inspiring paintings, photos and drawings from artists in the boardsport and freeski scene are shown on a regular basis. The highlight, however, is the skate mini ramp — the first of its kind on a mountain worldwide.

When the weather is sunny, numerous sofas and picnic tables invite you to have a snack outside, to relax or to watch friends and pros in the park.

Our slopes are open from  8:30 to 16:30. Outside these hours the slopes are closed and for safety reasons entering is forbidden.