Jib King 2019

December 14-15, 2019

Perfect conditions and top level riding at the first contest of the season at Absolut Park. 
The contest season 2019/20 has started at Absolut Park with its iconic Jib King. What makes it so special is the fact that this event is open for everyone:
Freeskiers and snowboarders, girls and boys, ams and pros. They all have equal chances to get one of the treasured trophies and call themselves Jib King or Jib Queen.

Whilst the amateurs and masters had the whole Jib Park to shred, the Stair Set was reserved for the pros. The shapers did an amazing job, all obstacles were in mint condition and even the weather was playing along. What else could you wish for an event?

Amateur contest

On Saturday, it was time for the amateurs to shine, their playground being the whole Jib Park. Kids and Rookies also had their chance to show the adults how much they rip. The top four women and men also qualified for the pro contest on sunday.


Results saturday (amateurs):
Kids Boys:

1. Nik Howson
2. Hejc Pozek
3. Jamiro Zendelli

Rookies Boys:
1. Matej Svancer
(Super Fed Flatrail, Switch 270 Blind 270 Tube to Down Rail, Backflip Spine – Frontside Switch up Blind 450)
2. Nico Fuchs (270 on 270 off Flatrail, Switch 270 270 off Tube to Downrail, Double Kinked K-Fed)
3. Klemen Vidmas (Cork 540 Blunt at the Jib Kicker, Switch Lip Pretzel 270, Donkey Rail blind 450)
4. Stefan Heiss
5. Jonas Luidold
6. Jasa Koder

Jib King 2019

Jib King 2019


Results saturday (amateurs):
Kids Girls:
1. Hanna Karrer
(Tailgrab on the Kicker, 50-50, 50-50)
2. Alwine Wurst
3. Gretchen Steiner

Kids Boys:
1. Aljaz Sladic (Backflip on the Kicker, Lipslide, 50-50 Frontside 360 out)
2. Mathias Minarovic
3. Lennox König

4. Benjamin Parich
5. Christoph Hinterwallner

Rookies Boys:
1. Tobias Klapfenberger (Frontside 360 Frontside Grab on the kicker, Boardslide 270 out, 50-50 Backside 360 out)
2. Peter Lotz
3. Jakob Ganserer
4. Lenart Maligoj
5. Jure Seitric
6. Fabian Steindl
7. Josef Widmayer
8. Felix Weiser
9. Eric Dovjak
10. Nikolai Wurst

1. Marie Hahnl
(Backside 360, Boardslide, 50-50 Frontside 180 out), Qualified for Pro Contest
2. Tinkara Tanya Valcl, Qualified for Pro Contest
3. Carolyn Feng, Qualified for Pro Contest
4. Laura Hahnl, Qualified for Pro Contest
5. Maria Wurst

1. Joschka Wirthi (Backside 540 Mute, Cab 270, Switch Lipslide 270 out at the DoubleKink), Qualified for Pro Contest
2. Felix Reicher (Frontside 360 Bonk, Backside Tailslide 270 out, Frontside Swivel Switch Backside 360 out), Qualified for Pro Contest
3. Cedric Meunier (Frontflip Handplant on the Lollipop, Frontside SnowSlide Wallie up to Frontboard Slide to Fakie, Switch Tailslide 270 out), Qualified for Pro Contest
4. Frederik Klatscher, Qualified for Pro Contest
5. Leopold Frey
6. Günther Brandstätter
7. Alex Bernhofer
8. Henri Dollenberg
9. Hennes Dollenberg
10. Jakob Obersamer
11. Paul Steindl
12. Christoph Holzinger
13. Ralph van Megen
14. Jacco Hubregtse
15. Dann van Lotwizen
16. Niklas Vojl
17. Moritz Bren
18. Alois Durand
19. Alexander Frey

Pro contest

On sunday, it was the pro's turn on the Absolut Park Stair Set and time for the masters (over 30) to shine in the Jib Park. The weather was even better, bluebird the whole day and happy faces everywhere. As on the day before, drinks were provided (thanks heaps to the Blue tomato crew!) and the music was pumping. Event speaker Henry Jackson was on point as ever, improving the already good vibe. The spectators were definitely given a perfect show.


Results sunday (Pros and Masters):
Pro Men:
1. Siver Voll
2. Emil Granbom
3. Simon Grissemann

4. Matej Svancer
5. Simon Peltola
6. Thomas Beran
7. Tim Gradwohl
8. Armin Baumann

Masters Men:
1. Franz Scheichl

Congrats to all the many participants, you've been GREAT!

Jib King Winner

Winner Jib King 2019


Results sunday (Pros and Masters):
Pro Women:
1. Rashida Aoulad
(Switch Frontboard on the DownRail, Frontside 270 on the DownRail, Frontside 180 Switch 50-50 on the Down Rail)
2. Elewa Gralia (Frontboard on the DownRail, Blunt 270 on the DownRail, Barley on the Ledge)
3. Yuka Fujimori (Frontboard Pretzel and Backside Lipslide on the Down Rail, Boardslide 270 on the Fire Kracker Rail)
4. Marina Alonso
5. Carolyn Feng

Pro Men:
1. Kael Hill (Hardway Backside 360 50-50 Backside 360 out on the Ledge, Frontside 270/450 out on the Down Rail, Backside 360 50-50 on the Fire Cracker Rail)
2. Max De Vries (Gap over the DownRail to Backside Lipslide on the Double Kink, Backside 360 50-50 Frontside 180 out on the Down Rail, Cab Hardway 270 on the Down Rail)
3. Stuart Innes (Switch Backside 270 Gap on the Double Kink, Frontboard Pretzel on the Double Kink, Blunt SwitchUp Boardslide 270 out on the Down Rail)
4. Mees Oostdyk
5. Simon Gschaider
6. Lucas Uitendaal
7. Pauli Steindl
8. Joschka Wirthi
9. Cedric Meunier
10. Felix Reicher
11. Alex Calderou
12 . Alex Steward
13. Jacco Bos
14. Maximilian Preissinger
15. Henri Dollenberg
16. Ney Arthur
17. Alois Lindmoser
18. Guillermo Garaa
19. Davide Boggio
20. Hennes Dollenberg
21. Frederik Klatschow

Masters Women:
1. Sabina Lindmoser Pintar
(Backsides Air, Lipslide, 50-50 on the Double Kink)

Masters Men:
1. Manuel Lindmoser (Frontside 360 Bonk, Hardway Backside 180 Switch 50-50, Switch Boardslide 270 out on the Double Kink)
2. Florian Pötzl
3. Dominik Pichler

4. Juraj Opalek
5. Adam Harris
6. Patrick Öri
7. Hermann Seideler

Congrats to all the many participants, you've been GREAT!


by Markus Rohrbacher

Pricegiving by Fischi

by Markus Rohrbacher

by Fischi

Pricegiving by Fischi

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