Contests at absolut park

The Absolut Park just wouldn’t be the same without its contests. They are a great platform for rookies and pros alike. And to make sure that all snowboarders and freeskiers are sure to get their money’s worth, we will be organizing our traditional Shuttleberg competitions again this year.

Jib King

Jib King at Absolut Park in Flachauwinkl, Austria. A slopestyle contest for freeskiers and snowboarders.

Spring Battle

The Spring Battle at Absolut Park Flachauwinkl is the biggest on-mountain contest in Europe for snowboarders and freeskiers.

Jib King

January 5 - 6, 2018

Just like any other year, the Jib King will start the contest season at Absolut Park in 2018. Freeskiers and snowboarders, men and women can compete in the slopestyle event and show their skills on the rails and other obstacles in the Jib Park. The freeski competition takes place on Friday and the snowboarding contest on Saturday. 
New this season is the ranking; in order to accommodate a large number of rookies, the rookie category has been divided — now there are four categories instead of three:

- Kids (boys up to 12 years)
- Rookies (boys up to 15 years)
- Men (from 16 Jahren) 
- Women

As always, the top-ranked men will continue to the Absolut Park stair set for the finals.

Thanks to a broad selection of obstacles, the Jib Park offers many options to show individual trick-combos. It’s not spin-to-win that counts here, but how creative, stylish, and technical you ride. Next to four trophies many valuable prizes are waiting for the four Jib Queens and Kings.

If you are interested in participating in the Jib King, you can sign up at Chill House on the day of the contest.

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Cash for Trick Tour

January 14, 2018

The Cash for Trick Tour is a new pop up event tour that takes place twice a month from January to March in selected snow parks in the Ski amadé area. Two judges reward your best tricks with cash, you can collect five euros per trick. 

The Cash for Trick event at Absolut Park is the first tour stop, you can find information about further dates at

Spring Battle

March 17 - 21, 2018

At the end of March, freeski and snowboard pros from all over Europe, North America, Australia, and New Zealand meet at Absolut Park for the Spring Battle, where they celebrate their season-end with an innovative contest and send it one more time at the demanding setup.

First things first: The prize money at the Spring Battle was almost doubled in 2018! All in all, the participating athletes can collect 130,000 US dollars, 65,000 of which belong to snowboarders and 65,000 to the freeskiers. Some riders will be invited automatically depending on their spot in the WSPL and AFP ranking. Still, anyone who feels like challenging the pros and riding the demanding setup is welcome — the event is open to all, men, women, freeskiers and snowboarders. 

The Spring Battle is a World Snowboarding Elite Level and an AFP Gold Event, but still, fun and creativity are the priority at the relaxed jam session. For that reason, the event will be a follow cam jam session again in 2018, an innovative format which is very popular with the athletes. Any registered rider handing in an uncut video in time, showing his or her best run, will be judged. This way, riders can film each other for a couple of days and have enough time to step up their trick level.

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March 24, 2018

The ZSAEP Experience is a one-day freeski event for rookies aged 18 and younger, who get a chance to show their skills at the medium line at Absolut Park.

You can register for free at Chill House next to Absolut Park on the day of the event.