20 years


The Absolut Park just wouldn’t be the same without its contests. They are a great platform for rookies and pros alike. And to make sure that all snowboarders and freeskiers are sure to get their money’s worth, we will be organizing our traditional Shuttleberg competitions again this year.

Jib King

Jib King at Absolut Park in Flachauwinkl, Austria. A slopestyle contest for freeskiers and snowboarders.

Spring Battle

The Spring Battle at Absolut Park Flachauwinkl is the biggest on-mountain contest in Europe for snowboarders and freeskiers.

Jib King

14. - 15. December 2019

For the first time since its debut, the Jib King was held this season at Absolut Park in December, thanks to an early season start. Also new were the Pro and Masters Divisions, a prize money of EUR 10,000 for the pros and EUR 5,000 as Blue Tomato vouchers. Almost 50 amateurs and 30 pros showed their tricks in Jib Park and on the brand new Stairset.

Review Jib King 12/2018

Spring Battle

March 14 - 20, 2020

At the middle of March, freeski and snowboard pros from all over the world meet in the Absolut Park for the Spring Battle, where they celebrate their season-end with an innovative contest and send it at the demanding setup.

The Spring Battle is a World Snowboarding Elite Level and an AFP Gold Event, but still, fun and creativity are the priority at the relaxed jam session. The follow cam format is very popular with the athletes; any registered rider handing in an uncut video in time, showing his or her best run, will be judged. Riders can film each other for a couple of days and have enough time to step up their trick level.

Review & results Spring Battle 2019


April 4, 2020

The ZSAEP Experience is a one-day freeski event for rookies aged 18 and younger, who get a chance to show their skills at the Medium Line in the Absolut Park. You can register for free in the Chill House next to the Jib Park on the day of the event. 


1. Laurin Hafner
2. Nico Huber
3. Peter Hanl
4. Tobias Höhenwarter
5. Tobias Kolb
6. Tobias Huber
7. Samuel Cherlias
8. Maximilian Speer
9. Peter Vidmar
10. Fabian Kocher
11. Florian Döllerer
12. Robert Rettensteiner
13. Luis Resch

14. Bernhard Hafner
15. Stefan Heiss
16. David Weissacher
17. Tobi Aichhorn
18. Jakob Frick
18. Simon Rinder
20. Frederik Skaarola
21. Simon Strubreiter
22. Stefan Glaser
23. Jan Koutny
23. Elias Eugler
25. Rene Quehenberger
26. Andi Storer
27. Alexander Walkner

28. Maximilian Naglmayer
29. Georg Lafek
30. Kevin Holzmann
31. Sebastian Schober
32. Jonas Lüdold
33. Nik Howson
34. Ronald Stock
35. Peter Lauter
36. Josef Kasper Bliem
37. Seventeh Olah
38. Dario Jakob
39. Valentin Fink
40. Paul Margreiter
41. Peter Siller 

1. Selina Mayer

1. Florian Reiter
2. Andre Walkner
3. Nicolas Heiss
4. Jamiro