The Absolut Park just wouldn’t be the same without its contests. They are a great platform for rookies and pros alike. And to make sure that all snowboarders and freeskiers are sure to get their money’s worth, we will be organizing our traditional Shuttleberg competitions again this year.

Jib King

Jib King at Absolut Park in Flachauwinkl, Austria. A slopestyle contest for freeskiers and snowboarders.

Spring Battle

The Spring Battle at Absolut Park Flachauwinkl is the biggest on-mountain contest in Europe for snowboarders and freeskiers.

Jib King

DECEMBER, 11th - 31ST, 2021

Due to the current situation, we unfortunately have to cancel the Jib King in its usual form. However, we are motivated that some sort of Contest still takes place. Therefore we had the idea of a online video contest.


Participants have to film ONE TRICK on the BRANDED OBSTACLES in the Jib Park and upload it on their IG MAIN FEED and use #APjibking21. There will be no registration, it is an Instagram only competition. The prize giving will be online on December 31st.


Filming Period: December 11TH to December 29TH
Judging: December 30th
Online Prize Giving: December 31st


ONE TRICK only (no editing)
Instagram MAIN FEED POST (make sure your account is public) - NO STORIES & NO REELS! 
use #APjibking21 (neccessary)
for the MASTERS category (age 30 and older) use #APjibkingmaster21
- tell us what trick you did or what trick you will do!
feel free to tag @absolutpark @bluetomato @burton @redbullaustria

CATEGORIES (all ages)

PRO / Snowboard Women + Men / Freeski Women + Men
AMATEUR / Snowboard Women + Men / Freeski Women + Men
MASTER / Snowboard Women + Men / Freeski Women + Men


PRO category: AP Stair Set
AMATEUR category: Branded obstacle Jib Park
MASTER category: AP Stair Set or Branded obstacle Jib Park


1st place: 1.000 Euro
2nd place: 600 Euro
3rd place: 400 Euro
2.000 Euro for each PRO category - in sum 8.000 Euro prize money

Blue Tomato Vouchers and Goodie bags
We will annouce all Jib King 21 winners online (IG: @absolutpark) on the 31st of December.

Have fun and stay safe!


Jib King Contest

Jib King - Freestyle Bewerb

Cash for TrickS Tour

January 22, 2022:    

The Cash For Tricks Tour is a pop-up event tour, happening bi-weekly in selected resorts of Ski Amadé. Two judges will hand out cash prized for the best tricks thrown down. You can win five Euros per trick. On January 24, the tour makes its stop at Absolut Park. There’s no registration necessary, just show up and make some cash!


Spring Battle 2022

March, 12 - 16, 2022

At the end of March, freeski and snowboard pros from all over the world meet at Absolut Park for the Spring Battle, where they celebrate their season’s end with an innovative contest and showcase their skills on the demanding setup. The Spring Battle is a World Snowboarding Elite Level and an AFP Gold Event, but even so, fun and creativity are a priority at this relaxed jam session. The follow-cam format is super popular with the athletes; any registered rider handing in an uncut video in time, documenting his or her best run, will be judged. Riders can film each other for a couple of days, and therefore have enough time to step up their trick levels.


In 2002 the first SPRING BATTLE took place in Absolut Park. Over the past years, we always had creative formats and awards, constantly changing and updated. An evolving event format, always up to date and in tune with the zeitgeist.

This year in its 19th edition and due to the current Covid-19 situation, we adapted to the restrictions and held the Spring Battle 2021 as BEST TRICK INSTAGRAM ONLINE CONTEST with a total prize money purse of 74.000 US$.

The main changes from the past year’s format: The focus was on four BEST TRICK AWARDS instead of the full slopestyle runs of the past. Also the event was ‘digitally global’, meaning the invited riders and their filmers did not necessarily have to be present on site, but could film their entries to the four categories anywhere in the world during the event’s time window from February 26th till March 5th 2021.

Only invited riders were allowed to participate globally, whereas the event on site at Absolut Park was open for any rider wanting to participate.

As usual, SPRING BATTLE 2021 has been welcoming the best women and men in snowboarding and freeskiing on the globe.

Spring Battle 2021 am Absolut Park

Best Rail

Freeski Women
1st: Sarah Höfflin (2000 US$)
2nd: Lisa Zimmermann (1000 US$)
3rd: Maggie Voisin (500 US$)
4th: Rell Harwood
5th: Taylor Brook Lundqist

Freeski Men
1st: Alex Hall (2000 US$)
2nd: Colby Stevenson (1000 US$)
3rd: Isaac Simhon (500 US$)
4th: Anti Ollila
5th: Fabian Mühringer

Snowboard Women
1st: Anna Gasser (2000 US$)
2nd: Mia Brookes (1000 US$)
3rd: Tess Coady (500 US$)
4th: Lucie Silvestre
5th: Julia Marino

Snowboard Men
1st: Jack Legault (2000 US$)
2nd: Leon Gütl (1000 US$)
3rd: Moritz Amsüss (500 US$)
4th: Nicolas Laframboise
5th: Stuart Innes

Best 540

Freeski Women
st: Maggie Voisin (2000 US$)
2nd: Lara Wolf (1000 US$)
3rd: Jennie Lee Burmansson (500 US$)
4th: Laura Wallner
5th: Silvia Bertagna

Freeski Men
1st: Kai Mahler (2000 US$)
2nd: Paul Vieuxtemps (1000 US$)
3rd: Daniel Bacher (500 US$)
4th: Matej Svancer
5th: Daniel Hanka

Snowboard Women
1st: Anna Gasser (2000 US$)
2nd: Isabel Derungs (1000 US$)
3rd: Sina Candrian (500 US$)
4th: Enni Rukajarvi
5th: Thalie Larochaix

Snowboard Men
1st: Kaito Hamada (2000 US$)
1st: Fritjof Tischendorf (1000 US$)
3rd: Stian Kleivdal (500 US$)
4th: Ethan Morgan
5th: Clemens Millauer

Best Turbo Knuckle

Freeski Women
1st: Rell Harwood (2000 US$)
2nd: Marin Hamill (1000 US$)
3rd: Sarah Höfflin (500 US$)
4th: Lisa Zimmermann
5th: Maggie Voisin

Freeski Men
1st: Daniel Hanka (2000 US$)
2nd: Dennis Ranalter (1000 US$)
3rd: Lukas Müllauer (500 US$)
4th: Simon Bartik
5th: Joel Liimatainen

Snowboard Women
1st: Annika Morgan (2000 US$)
2nd: Sina Candrian (1000 US$)
3rd: Carola Niemela (500 US$)
4th: Mia Brookes

Snowboard Men
1st: Patrick Hoffmann (2000 US$)
2nd: Peter Walchhofer (1000 US$)
3rd: Maxi Preissinger (500 US$)
4th: Seppl Ramsbacher
5th: Moritz Bräu



Freeski Women
1st: Rell Harwood (5000 US$)
2nd: Lara Wolf (2000 US$)
3rd: Laura Wallner (1000 US$)
4th: Maggie Voisin
5th: Elisa Nakab

Freeski Men
1st: Kuura Koivista (5000 US$)
2nd: Sam Baumgartner (2000 US$)
3rd: Lukas Müllauer (1000 US$)
4th: Bailey Johnson
5th: Ben Buratti

Snowboard Women
1st: Anna Gasser (5000 US$)
2nd: Tess Coady (2000 US$)
3rd: Ariane Burri (1000 US$)
4th: Mia Brookes
5th: Sina Candrian

Snowboard Men
1st: Nicolas Huber (5000 US$)
2nd: Enzo Valax (2000 US$)
3rd: Moritz Boll (1000 US$)
4th: Clemens Millauer
5th: Moritz Amsüss

Spring Battle am Absolut Park 2021


In addition to the opening show on friday, we broadcasted 3 Award Shows  from wednesday till friday featuring all news and gossip from the day.

Its been a hell of a week and we cordially wanna thank all participating riders, YOU KILLED IT!

Your Absolut Park Team

Spring Battle 2021 am Absolut Park am Shuttleberg

Burton, Blue Tomato


April 4, 2022

The ZSAEP Experience is a one-day freeski event for rookies aged 18 and younger, who will get a chance to showcase their skills on the medium line at Absolut Park. You can register for free in the Chill House next to the Jib Park on the day of the event.