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The Absolut Park just wouldn’t be the same without its contests. They are a great platform for rookies and pros alike. And to make sure that all snowboarders and freeskiers are sure to get their money’s worth, we will be organizing our traditional Shuttleberg competitions again this year.

Jib King

Jib King at Absolut Park in Flachauwinkl, Austria. A slopestyle contest for freeskiers and snowboarders.

Spring Battle

The Spring Battle at Absolut Park Flachauwinkl is the biggest on-mountain contest in Europe for snowboarders and freeskiers.

Jib King

15. - 16. December 2018

For the first time since its debut, the Jib King was held this season at Absolut Park in December, thanks to an early season start. Also new were the Pro and Masters Divisions, a prize money of EUR 10,000 for the pros and EUR 5,000 as Blue Tomato vouchers. Almost 50 amateurs and 30 pros showed their tricks in Jib Park and on the brand new Stairset.

The new Jib Park, which was built almost overnight after the intensive snowfalls, was in perfect condition for the amateurs, rookies, and kids on Saturday.


In an extremely tight competition, Noah Gasperi won the men's competition and Urska Pribosic the women's competition.

The rookies, who were in no way inferior to the men, were dominated by Niklas Huber. The kids up to 12 years showed off their skills in the Jib Park and Aljaz Sladic took first place.

On Sunday the pros were allowed to prove their skills on the new Stairset. In an incredible qualification with 270s in all directions, backside 360s on and boardslides through the Double Kink, the best eight secured a spot in the final.

All riders showed an incredible level in the final and pushed until the last seconds of the 45-minute jam session. Halfway through the session, three riders dominated the field: Ethan Morgan, who always ran up to the jib kicker to have enough speed for his Hardway gaps, secured 3rd place with tricks like Switch Bs Hardway 270 gap at the Doublekink and Back Tail 450 out at the Downrail. Also, the Best Trick went to Ethan with a Bs Hardway 270 - 270 out at the Waterfall Rail.

Absolut Park team rider Max Zebe came second with a good portion of style and tricks like a Cab Hardway 270 at the Ledge, a Gap Fs Hardway 270 at the Doublekink and a Switch Backlip at the Waterfall Rail. However, it was Kevin Trammer from Belgium who did one trick after the other, put it cleanly into the landing and left the others no chance.

With over 10 tricks landed, among them a Bs 180 to Switch Nosepress Cab 180 Out at the Waterfall, Blunt 270 into 50/50 - Bs 360 Out at the Downrail and Frontboard to Switch Nosepress at the Waterfall, it was clear that Kevin Trammer would end up 1st.

The women's final that Henry Jackson described as one of the best he had ever seen was at least as exciting. Urska Pribosic won the third place with tricks like a Bs Lipslide on the Downrail and front 180 50/50 Cab 180 on the Downrail. Nobody knew who would take first and second place, because the two ladies landed their tricks one after the other. In the end, Kaili Randmae won with a 50/50 Bs 360 Out on the Downrail and a Noseslide through the Doublekink ahead of Rachida Aoulad with a Gap Front Lip on the Doublekink and a Switch Frontboard on the Downrail. The Best Trick Award in the women's category also went to the Morgan family; Annika Morgan took it with a textbook switch Boardslide 270 Out at the Waterfall Rail.


Pro Men Pro Women Kids
1. Kevin Trammer 1. Kaili Randmae  1. Aljaz Sladic
2. Max Zebe 2. Rachida Aoulad  2. Lenny König
3. Ethan Morgan 3. Urska Pribosic 3. Daniel Tobiasvolopich
4. Stuart Innes 4. Annika Morgan  
5. Fabian Freidl 5. Nadja Flemming   
6. Max de Vries 6. Franziska Herbers  
7. Jacco Bos 7. Emma Lantos  
8. Flo Corzelius 8. Marina Alonso  
9. Noah Gasperi 9. Alieke Everts  
10. Dylan Norder     
11. Marvin Salmina    
12. Jeremie Unterberger    
13. Noah Victor    
14. Jesse Augustinus     
15. Mees Oostdjik    
16. Felix Widnig    
17. Casper Holzapfel    
18. Konrad Sonne    
19. Cedric Meunier    
Master Men Masters Girls:  
1. Manuel Lindmoser 1. Johanna Blum  
2. Herrmann Seideler    
Best Trick Men: Best Trick Women:  
Ethan Morgan: bs hardway 270 - 270 out // waterfall rail Annika Morgan: switch boardslide 270 out // waterfall rail  


Rookies Amateur Women Amateur Men
1. Niklas Huber 1. Urska Pribosic 1. Noah Gasperi
2. Anej Herzenjak 2. Nadja Flemming 2. Cedric Meunier
3. Ozbe Kuhar 3. Emma Lantos 3. Felix Widnig
4. Tobias Klapfenberger 4. Selena Sanchez 4. Noah Victor
5. Gib van der Sluis 5. Hedieh Herzog 5. Beau Fisher
6. Moritz Bren 6. Mizuki Nakai 6. OIiver Rainer
7. Lennart Maligon 7. Vanessa Volopichora 7. Günther Brandstätter
8. Jascha Nunez 8. Tanja Tinkara 8. Patrick Gruber
9. Jakob Grauserer 9. Barbara Mayer 9. Joschka Wirth
10. Fabian Steindl   10. David Wall
11. Christoph Holzinger   11. Nathan Slm
12. Alois Durand   12. Thomas Rebernig
    13. Paul Steindl
    14. Stepan Kosik
    15. Robin Mauer
    16. Honza Bohac
    17. Jan Vogrin
    18. Guillermo Garcia
    19. Felix Reicher
    20. Toni Hofer
    21. T-One

Freeski recap

The first place and the qualification for the AM Division were won by Armin Baumann for the men and Stefanie Mössler for the women in an extremely tight competition.

In the rookies' category, Luis Resch won against his rivals.

Also, the kids up to 12 years showed their skills in the Jib Park and Urban Stavonik won the lead.

On Sunday, the pros were invited to show what is possible on the new Stairset. In an extremely strong qualification, the best eight got a place in the final.

In the final, it was a Tom Ritsch show from the beginning.

His first hit, a Lip 450 on the Ledge, made the crowd freak out. Even Voita Bresky with his 270 Frontside Switch Up 450 out and Lukas Müller with his 270 Pretzel 450 could not take the 1st place away from him.

Simon Griessemann secured the best trick with a risky 180 to Switch 50-50 on the downrail.

The women also hit the Stairset hard; with her 270 on 270 off Anastasia Tatalina only finished 3rd. Lana Prusakova scored second with a Switch Tail 270 out but secured Best Trick. In the end, Giorgia Bertoncini with Backslide to Fakie at the Waterfall and Blindside Switchup at the Doublekink came to the deserved 1st place.

Fotos Jib King day 1

Fotos Jib King day 2


results Freeski:

Men Pro Womens Pro Kids
1. Tom Ritsch 1. Giorgia Bertoncini 1. Urban Stavonik
2. Voita Bresky  2. Lana Prusakova  
3. Lukas Müllauer 3. Anastasia Tatalina  
4. Simon Griessmann 4. Laura Wallner  
5. Simon Batik 5. Lena Platter  
6. Dima Makakov 6. Tereza Korabova  
7. Simon Spilka 7. Stefanie Mössler  
8. Martin Hauck 8. Lara Wolf  
9. Sam Baumgartner    
10. Mulendeev Dimitri    
11. Rob Wilkonson    
12. Julius Gerhart    
13. Armin Baumann    
14. Sebastian Hein    
15. Tim Van Dyck    
16. Julius Forer    
17. Fabian Zürrer    
Master Men    
1. Pepe Kalensky    
2. Roman Dalecky    
3. Danil Kalachev    
Mens Best trick Womens Best trick  
Simon Griessemann 180 switch 50/50 // downrail Lana Prusakova switch 270 on // downrail  


Rookies Amateur Women Amateur Men
1. Luis Resch 1. Stefanie Mössler 1. Armin Baumann
2. Samuel Cherlias 2. Ruzena Cermakova 2. Gerhard Lichtenegger
3. Bernhard Hafner 3. Lena Platter 3. Julius Forer
4. Nico Fuchs 4. Tereza Korabova 4. Fabian Zürrer
5. Tobias Kolb 5. Regina Rathgeb 5. Tschalener Peter
6. Noel Gruber 6. Tereza Koutna 6. Moritz Luger
7. Sandro Hafner 7. Alma Rothbauer 7. Simo Peltola 
8. Jan Koutny 8. Vanessa Mayerasch 8. Benjamin Karner
9. Maximilian Bassion   9. Jakob Rest
10. David Zehner   10. Matej Svancer
11. Klemen Vidmar   11. Thomas Frandl
12. Robert Rollensteiner   12. Maximilian Speer
13. Felix Pieringer   13. Michael Wimberger
14. Thomas Syringer   14. Christian Gander
15. Hannes Wieber   15. Clemens Hacker
16. Markus Lindner   16. Alexander Schaffer
17. Stepan Hudecek   17. Jeremiasz Syndler
18. Bob Klancer   18. Jost Klanzar
    19. Till Ewers
    20. Johannes Sieberer
    21. Thomas Blum
    22. Christian Scherfler
    23. Alexander Pirchl
    24. Daniel Gander
    25. Peter Vidmar
    26. Primoz Vilfau
    27. Michael Tschalener
    28. Christoph Kontriner
    29. Maks Pikec
    30. Ziga Kovacic

Jib King

December 15 - 16, 2018

The Jib King has been rescheduled this season and took place in December 2018. Besides, we had added two new categories to the amateur contest: Pro Riders for freeskiers and snowboarders and Masters for the slightly older semesters (over 30). Both categories were opened to men and women.
Prize money: Euro 10,000,- in cash plus Euro 5,000,- Blue Tomato Voucher.

- Kids (boys up to 12 years)
- Rookies (boys up to 15 years)
- Men (from 16 years) 
- Women
- Masters (30 and older)
- Pro


Cash for Tricks Tour

January 20, 2019

The Cash for Tricks Tour is a pop up event tour that takes place twice a month from January to March in selected snow parks in the Ski amadé area. Two judges reward your best tricks with cash, you can collect five euros per trick. On January 20, the tour stops in the Absolut Park, it is not necessary to register for the event. 

You can find information about further dates at www.skiamade.com/ride

Spring Battle

March 16 - 20, 2019

At the middle of March, freeski and snowboard pros from all over the world meet in the Absolut Park for the Spring Battle, where they celebrate their season-end with an innovative contest and send it at the demanding setup.

The Spring Battle is a World Snowboarding Elite Level and an AFP Gold Event, but still, fun and creativity are the priority at the relaxed jam session. The follow cam format is very popular with the athletes; any registered rider handing in an uncut video in time, showing his or her best run, will be judged. Riders can film each other for a couple of days and have enough time to step up their trick level.

Go to Spring Battle 2018 Review

Cash for Tricks Tour

March 25, 2019

The Cash for Tricks Tour is a pop up event tour that takes place twice a month from January to March in selected snow parks in the Ski amadé area. Two judges reward your best tricks with cash, you can collect five euros per trick. It is not necessary to register for the event. 

You can find information about further dates at www.skiamade.com/ride


April 6, 2019

The ZSAEP Experience is a one-day freeski event for rookies aged 18 and younger, who get a chance to show their skills at the Medium Line in the Absolut Park. You can register for free in the Chill House next to the Jib Park on the day of the event.