It is impossible to imagine Absolut Park without its contests. There is a lot on offer for both rookies and pros. And so that snowboarders and freeskiers get their money's worth, there are our tried and tested competitions again this year.

Jib King

December 16th - 17th, 2023

Are you ready to kick off the season with a bang? 
We are excited to announce the first event of the winter season in Absolut Park – the Jib King 2023!
It's an event that is open for snowboarders and freeskiers, men and women, rookies, and kids. It doesn't matter if you're a pro or an amateur ridereveryone is welcome here.

The event will take place in Jib Park, which is known for its smooth features, such as jumps, rails, boxes, jibs, and more. 

Join us and have a good timeregistration is free and will take place on event days at the Chill House.

Spring Battle

March, 3rd - 9th, 2024

At the SPRING BATTLE, Freeski and snowboard pros meet to celebrate their season's end at this unique contest. The riders have several days to work on their tricks and to show their best trick or line for the respective category. This Follow Cam format is very popular with the riders: every participant who submits an uncut video of their best run will be judged by a professional judge crew.

The first SPRING BATTLE already took place in 2002. Over the years, we found more and more creative approaches and categories for our event. We are happy to combine the digital format of the past years with the roots of the Spring Battle: an exciting and challenging event at the peak of the winter season.

More information about the SPRING BATTLE 24 will follow.



Unlike the usual rush at other events, the riders at SPRING BATTLE 2024 have several days of riding to get their best tricks & lines in the bag.


  • All riders need to register at
  • All registered riders can participate on-site at AbsolutPark’s SpringBattle setup.
  • All entries must be posted to your Instagram channel AND uploaded to our event platform at by the according deadlines.



  • film the best tricks within the event window, on-site at the dedicated Absolut Park SpringBattle features.
  • upload the uncut video clips on your Instagram channel using the following hashtags: #springbattle24 plus the according award hashtag and make sure your account is public.
  • upload the uncut video clips to our event platform
  • meet the submission/posting deadline!
  • The best tricks/lines will be judged after the deadline and will be presented at the final Live Show.




Sunday Laps is our ladies' freestyle snowboard and ski session, which happened at Absolut Park for the first time in the 21/22 season. There was only one mission for the participants of all ages: To shred, to support each other, and to have fun!

With its obstacles, from beginner to pro level, Absolut Park offers the best possible setup for the event. All ladies can improve their riding skills with the proper support of Snowboard and Freeski guides. No matter if they want to do their first steps in the park or if they already are experienced riders, all ladies are warmly welcome!

An exciting day with lots of shredding is waiting for the participants. Happiness guaranteed!

For registration or information, please send us an email at sundaylaps(xmsAt)absolutpark(xmsDot)com.
Own equipment and basic skills in snowboarding or freeskiing are required for participation.

January 14th, 2024
February 18th, 2024
March 10th, 2024

We are looking forward to all the ladies and some fun Sunday Laps together!

ZSAEP Experience

March 30th, 2024

Welcome to the annual ZSAEP Experience - a Rookie Freeski Event.
This event is dedicated to the memory of Rainer Laa, a passionate skier, and friend.

The event is open to rookie skiers of all genders, offering them the chance to showcase their skills in the Absolut Park. Competitors compete in a slopestyle format, performing tricks on a course featuring jumps, rails, and other obstacles.

Beyond the actual competition, this event is a tribute to Rainer Laa and his love for skiing. So come out and join us next season for a day of skiing! ZSAEP EXPERIENCE 2024: March, 30th.

Thank you again for supporting the ZSAEP Experience, and we hope to see you next season!