The Absolut Park just wouldn’t be the same without its contests. They are a great platform for rookies and pros alike. And to make sure that all snowboarders and freeskiers are sure to get their money’s worth, we will be organizing our traditional Shuttleberg competitions again this year.

Jib King

Jib King at Absolut Park in Flachauwinkl, Austria. A slopestyle contest for freeskiers and snowboarders.

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Spring Battle

The Spring Battle at Absolut Park Flachauwinkl is the biggest on-mountain contest in Europe for snowboarders and freeskiers.

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Jib King

17. - 18. Dezember 2022

Perfect conditions and top-level riding at the first contest of the season at Absolut Park.

The contest season 2022/23 has started at Absolut Park with its iconic Jib King. What makes it so special is that this event is open to everyone: Freeskiers and snowboarders, girls and boys, amateurs, and pros. They all have equal chances to get one of the treasured trophies and call themselves Jib King or Jib Queen.

While the amateurs had the whole Jib Park to shred, the Stair Set was reserved for the pros. The shapers did a fantastic job, all obstacles were in mint condition and even the weather was playing along. What else could you wish for an event?

On Saturday, it was time for the amateurs to shine, their playground being the whole Jib Park. Kids and Rookies also had their chance to show the adults how much they rip.



1. Tibbe Keizer
2. Pan Oikonomou

Rookie Girls
1. Margarita Zografou

Rookie Boys
1. Christoph Schlager
2. Dimitris Giovamopoules
3. Fletcher Shull

Adult Women
1. Celina Lucas
2. Jennifer Scheveneels
3. Nora Cornell Porto
4. Elena (?)

Adult Men
1. Cedric Meunier
2. Julian Wiesinger
3. August Rusbuk
4. Michal Strunc
5. Erik Dougak
6. Sisset Sallenas
7. Basloenegracht (?)
8. Matyas Lang
9. Lasse Lehwald
10. Volker Schicke


1. Reinhard Steiner
2. Ziga Vidmar

Rookie Boys
1. Markus Winter
2. Benjamin Lengger
3. Johannes Weitgasser
4. Moritz Murer
5. Andre Walkner
6. Josef Messner
7. Flo Reiter
8. Matthias Auer
9. Paul Spiess
10. Sebastian Grünwald
11. Matthias Grünwald

Adult Women
1. Růžena Čermáková

Adult Men
1. Tobias Höhenwarter
2. Klemen Vidmar
3. Stefan Wall
4. Christian Scherfler
5. Stefan Heiss
6. Leon Ingold
7. Jakob Buchmeier
8. Hannes Wieser
9. Tobias Kolb
10. Marco Klötzl
11. Gerhard Lichtenegger
12. Gabriel  Lozneanu
13. David Reicher
14. Michael Hintz
15. Moritz Lugner
16. Moritz Schelch
17. Jivi Lafek
18. Maximilian Nagelmayr
19. Tim van Dyrk
20. Lukas Höller
21. George Albanidis
22. David Bauer
23. Thomas Blum

On Sunday, it was the pro's turn on the AP Stair Set. The weather was even better, bluebird the whole day and happy faces everywhere. As on the day before, drinks were provided (thanks heaps to the Blue tomato crew!) and the music was pumping. Event speaker Henry Jackson was always on point, improving the already good vibe. The spectators were definitely given a perfect show and witnessed Ralph Welponer (ITA) & Yuki Kadono (JPN) becoming the new Jib King's 2022. On the Women's side, Lisa Zimmermann (GER) & Mia Brooks (GB) scored themselves the title Jib Queen 2022!

The level of tricks had been incredible throughout the day - thanks to a top-notch rider field.



1. Mia Brookes
2. Yuka Fujimori
3. Nathalie Mühlmann
4. Nancy Green

Blue Tomato Best Trick: Mia Brookes
(Double Kinked: Cab 1 to Boardslide Pretzel)

1. Yuki Kadono
2. Frederik Klatschoa
3. Rowan Coultas
4. Maxi Preissinger
5. Stu Innes
6. Fabian Fraidl
7. Christian Kirsch
8. Joschka Wirth

Blue Tomato Best Trick: Yuki Kadono
(Double Kinked: Hardway BS 1 Gap)
Blue Tomato Most Impressive Award: Tibbe Keizer


1. Lisa Zimmermann
2. Tereza Korabova
3. Hannah Langes

Blue Tomato Best Trick: Tereza Korabova
(Downrail - Blindeside Switch up)

1. Ralph Welponer
2. Ferdinand Dahl
3. Joona Kangas
4. David Wolf
5. Simon Geminiani
6. Luca Pichler
7. Florian Pale
8. Fabian Mühringer

Blue Tomato Best Trick: Florian Pale
(Doublekinked - 360 switch up to switch)
Blue Tomato Standout Trick: Fabian Mühringer
(Creeper Ledge - Switch one-foot 50/50)

Congrats to all the many participants, you've been GREAT! See you soon up on the mountain!

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Spring Battle

March, 06 - 10th, 2023

At the end of March, freeski and snowboard pros from all over the world meet at Absolut Park for the Spring Battle, where they celebrate their season’s end with an innovative contest and showcase their skills on the demanding setup. The Spring Battle is a World Snowboarding Elite Level and an AFP Gold Event, but even so, fun and creativity are a priority at this relaxed jam session. The follow-cam format is super popular with the athletes; any registered rider handing in an uncut video in time, documenting his or her best run, will be judged. Riders can film each other for a couple of days, and therefore have enough time to step up their trick levels.

Spring Battle 2021 am Absolut Park

In 2002 the first Spring Battle took place at Absolut Park. Over the years, we always had creative and constantly changing formats and awards. An evolving, up-to-date event mode in tune with the zeitgeist. 
For this year’s 20th anniversary, we are presenting a slightly changed format once again: After launching our digitally global online format last year (due to Covid-19 restrictions), we decided to build on the great experiences we’ve made with this mode. And since we are finally able to invite Pro Riders again on site to Absolut Park, we are happy to combine our digital format with the roots of Spring Battle: A fun and challenging event at the pinnacle of the snow season.

Spring Battle 2022 will continue to be held as BEST TRICK competition from March 12th till March 16th 2022. The Spring Battle setup will feature a Turbo Knuckle, two big Pro Jumps and a Rail Yard for this year’s categories:

BEST TRICK BIGAIR (on site only on the last Absolut Park Pro Jump)
BEST TRICK RAIL (on site only in the Absolut Park Rail Yard)
BEST 540 (on one of the two Absolut Park Pro Jumps OR anywhere in the world)
BEST TURBOKNUCKLE (on the AP Turboknuckle OR anywhere in the world)

As usual, SPRING BATTLE 2022 will be welcoming the best women and men in snowboarding and freeskiing on the globe to fight for a total prize money purse of impressive 100.000 US$.

How to participate

  • All riders need to register at
  • Buy the registration code and get a 10% blue tomato promo code OR register on site for free at the Chill House.
  • All on site registered riders can participate in ALL 4 CATEGORIES on site at Absolut Park’s Spring Battle setup.
  • All digitally global registered riders can participate in the BEST 540 and BEST TURBOKNUCKLE categories by in submitting their entries digitally from anywhere in the world.
  • All entries have to be posted to your instagram channel AND uploaded to our event platform at by the according deadlines.

Daily shows

We will broadcast Live ESBN shows (Epic Spring Battle News) from sunday 13th till wednesday 16th featuring all news and gossip from the day.

Spring Battle 2021 am Absolut Park am Shuttleberg

Burton, Blue Tomato




Sunday Laps is our ladies freestyle snowboard and ski session, happening at Absolut Park for the first time in the 21/22 season. There was only one mission for the 45 participants of all ages: To shred, to support each other and to have fun!

With its features from beginner to pro level, Absolut Park offers the best possible setup for the event. All ladies can improve their riding skills with the proper support of snowboard and freeski guides. No matter if they wanna do their first steps in the park or if they already are experienced riders, all ladies are cordially welcome!

An exciting day with lots of shredding is waiting for the participants. Happiness guaranteed!

For registration or information, please send us an email to sundaylaps(xmsAt)absolutpark(xmsDot)com.
Own equipment and basic skills in snowboarding or freeskiing are required for participation.

The dates:

Thanks to Blue Tomato, Dragon Europe and Golden Ride Magazine.

We are looking forward to all the ladies and to some fun Sunday Laps together!

ZSAEP Experience

April 1st, 2023

In memory of our friend Rainer Laa.

The ZSAEP Experience is a one-day Freeski event for rookies aged 18 and younger. 

Due to the bad weather, the contest took place in the Jib Park this year. Nevertheless, the level was really high and we had a great session.


  1. Wanda Svancer


  1. Markus Winter
  2. Benjamin Lengger
  3. Andre Walkner
  4. Matthias Auer
  5. Florian Reiter
  6. Sebasstian Grünwald
  7. Felix Schöberl
  8. Peter Langegger
  9. Reinhard Steiner
  10. Alex Silcher
  11. Christoph Lind
  12. Luca Helpferer
  13. Matthias Grünwald
  14. Gabriel Krenn
  15. Simon Wippe
  16. Johannes Weitgasser


  1. Hannes Wieser
  2. David Bauer
  3. Jakob Buchmeier
  4. Marco Klötzl
  5. Stefan Heiss
  6. Moritz Schelch
  7. Maximilian Kroiss